Update from foster home:

Majak settling down to pet life quickly, he is a delightful dog who is bright and energetic and loves a routine. I think he would be good as an only dog in a house as he doesn’t seem to care about the company of other dogs. He just loves his walks and is interested in everything around him, loud noises and vacuum cleaners don’t freak him out and he is happy to be centre of attention with school age children.We haven’t had any separation anxiety issues even at this early stage of his foster and he just cracks me up with his “collecting fetish”  the feather duster gets proudly carried around although I haven’t managed to train him to be useful  with it yet but it is regularly taken to bed along with empty milk cartons and his soft rabbit toy

Majak is a big boy at nearly 40kgs, he also has a big heart, very affectionate, bright and eager to please he loves praise, toys and food. Recently retired he is adjusting to a slower paced life. He will require a physically capable owner due to his size, but he does know how to be calm and gentle. His is social with other dogs, but forgets how big he is, so is working on his dog etiquette.

Racing Name:
Mepunga Wonder
Black & White
Cat Trainable:
This dog is currently in foster care