Brave Boss is a wallflower seeking a dog savvy family who can help guide him through the transition to pet life one paw at a time. He's fairly bashful at present, like a rabbit in the headlights, but has made big strides in such a short space of time and impressed us hugely. 

We think he would benefit from part time care, at least initially while you build a relationship with him. He would absolutely thrive in a home where he can do fun training games with food, enrichment, and play to build his confidence. He loves to play chasing games with you, eat treats, and give face licks and is super chilled out in his kennel. 

What Boss finds the scariest is meeting other dogs so he will need a home that understands that he is a "library dog", not a "disco dog" so he will not be happy at a dog park and he doesn't need to interact with any other dogs at present. He will be best suited to an adult home.

Boss may be more comfortable living outside the hustle and bustle of town and prefer a rural home as that is what he is familiar with. 

Boss is currently in foster to gain some extra skills before finding a home. 


Racing Name:
Vegas Charlie
Cat Trainable:
This dog is currently in foster care