Racing Name: 
Chitina Tin
4 years
Cat Trainable: 
This dog is currently in foster care

Update from foster home: Tim prefers to be inside, he toilets outside and then runs to the door to get back inside. He doesn't know how to relax outside yet (and no zoomies yet!).He has great recall and it's enough to say his name and he leaves whatever he's doing and comes to you. He'll be good at obedience training. He responded well to "touch"  although he's still a bit confused, more training should do the trick. Inside he's pretty hyper but once we settle down he goes into his crate and relaxes. He whines a little bit when we leave the house and when he's been in the crate for a bit, so it'll be good to have someone with him during the day, but he's fine by himself for a few hours.He is the most loving greyhound we've ever met, he follows us everywhere and he's all about pleasing and cuddles. Not picky with food ( eats everything really, loves bananas and carrots).

Tim is an outgoing boy who likes to check everything out on his walks and can get a little distracted without a confident handler. He is also affectionate, food and toy motivated and very bright, not to mention silver Fox handsome at only 4 years old. He can be little excitable to meet new breeds of dogs, but is learning fast, big dog manners. He will excel at pet life in a dog savvy home.

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