Racing Name: 
Know Scrutiny
5 years
Cat Trainable: 
This dog is currently in foster care

Splodge is a sweet dog who responds to human company, he is also food and toy motivated. Confident boy he has good manners with other dogs and enjoys walks.

30/3 Update from Foster mum: Splodge is doing amazing! He’s progressed so fast, he has free range of the house, normally just follows where I am. He walks in and out of his crate whenever he feels. We have been leaving him in his crate or in the room while we go to other end of the house for a few hours each day so he doesn’t expect us to be home all the time! He loves tennis balls and is learning fetch. He is also getting better with males. We’ve even started a little bit of recall training, he looooovves food! He can get a little timid around new noises when out and about, honestly though, it’s like he’s been here for months!  He’s going to make someone so happy! He is a quiet wee dude.

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