Racing Name: 
Black crow
7 years
Cat Trainable: 
Raven is a 7 year old female who has had a couple of litters of puppies since finishing her racing career. She is a beautiful cuddly girl once you get to know her. Timid at first, she is cautious around new people and new noises. Raven is in foster care and is adapting very well to living in a home. Her confidence is growing every day and she is now becoming a little guard dog, barking at newcomers onto the property. Loving lots of one on one cuddles, Raven does all the doggy things well - eating, toileting, walking on a lead, jumping into and riding in a car, staying inside when her humans are out. She loves other dogs and is enjoying being in a home with other greyhounds. She is an independent soul and doesn’t need to spend all her time with her family, but is first in line when the door to the cupboard with the leads in it opens and right there with the other hounds at feeding time. Raven used to startle at the slightest noise and is now quite comfortable with the TV, the lawnmower, and other general household and traffic noise. She will blossom in a home where she has a loving and patient family, who are happy to support her to continue her journey to fully settling into retired life. She is great with the hustle bustle of other dogs but could also be an only dog. Raven loves children but is likely to settle better into a home that is not too noisy or boisterous. No cats please.

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