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Jetsun Swan
4 years
Cat Trainable: 

Diva Dolly is small but mighty and looking for a dog savvy owner. 

Dolly has potential to make a wicked training buddy, she would likely enjoy a home where she will get to do plenty of fun training games to keep her mind happy, before settling down for a nap. She likes toys and food so is easily motivated. 

We think Dolly is best suited to a home where she will have human company part time, she is very afffectionate and likes to be involved in whatever you're up to 

Dolly would be a playful addition to a home with confident dog teenagers or adults, but she would like to be the only child and have you all to herself. 

Dolly has been in foster since Christmas eve, here's what her foster family have to say.....

"Dolly has settled in quite well. She is very affectionate and eager to please. Dolly likes her toys, especially the ones with a sound. She will keep them close to her but when you throw them; she will fetch them and bring it back to you or her blanket.  Fluffy toys she likes to get her teeth in and rip the filling out bit by bit. For a dog biscuit she is happy to give you a ‘hand’ first. When feeding her she knows to wait until you tell her she can eat. She loves everything and anything.

Wherever you sit or work she likes to be close but knows to stay out of the kitchen when cooking.

She is toilet trained and indicates when she needs to go outside. Sleeping through the night but likes one of the bedroom doors open so she can hear someone. She will not go into the bedroom but likes to be part of the family and to be included.  During the day we have left her alone, outside the crate, for up to 4 hours without any problems.

She gets on well with any other kind of dog, but at home she likes to be the only dog, as she likes attention.

The whole family love Dolly, especially her playfulness."

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