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4 years
North Shore
Cat Trainable: 

Gentle soul Tex is bravely seeking an adult or teenage home he can blossom in. He can be fairly bashful until he settles in and then his rascally side comes through. 

Tex is best suited to someone with prior dog experience to give him guidance to settle at his own pace. He will likely always be a bit of a wallflower in new situations. 

He's thrived in a couple of long term foster homes where he's gained life skills and has lived with other greyhounds, a whippet and a Samoyed. He's currently living with two very large Maine Coon cats (he wants to play with them!) who run a very tight ship. So if Tex was to be rehomed to a home with a cat, they would have to be very bold and the new owners be committed to gradual introductions. 

His most recent foster family have described him as a sweet,clumsy, cuddly, playful, goofy chap who is slowly gaining confidence. He's loving his beach walks, learning how to come back when called, and loooves the cosy beds. 




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