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4 years
Wellington City
Cat Trainable: 

Mickey has landed himself a stint with one of our fantastic foster carers to give him a head start in learning what pet life is all about. 

Mickey is all about the love....on the regular he'll come in for face kisses, sniffs, cuddles, boops, and the famous greyhound lean. He's playful and will enjoy a game with toys, he is a wee bit like a 30 kilo puppy.... 

He is still gaining confidence in the big wide world, learning that certain noises aren't all that the car reversing or the kettle. 

At foster he's on a lifestyle block and has been polite seeing the sheep and chooks from a distance, but his foster family think he could adapt to urban living too. Mickey may be able to live with a confident dog pending successful introductions, no cats though please. 

We think Mickey is best suited to having part time human company, at least at this stage, while he's still transitioning to pet life. We think he would be best in an adult home, or with dog savvy teenagers, no young kids please.   

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