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With Pride
6 years
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Update from foster: Leo continues adapting to suburban life.   He responds to his human walker most of the time! tho remain alert for what is in the shrubs! By keeping his walks to mostly  familiar routes, he is settling more and more.  With resumption of life after lockdown,  his new trick is barking at those noisy rumbly bumbly  construction trucks tootling by.  Already, I can tell we can habituate him,  works in progress.  Country walks still present challenges.   A polite food and squeeky toy motivated dog, he will improve and bond steadily with a dedicated owner.  Leo is a loving household pet, who quickly understands gentle and consistent guidelines .    A real cuddle bunny, this Leo and will give so much to the special person who will take the time to build a relationship. 

Leo is 6 years young,active, he takes a steady pace on his walks and is best walked with a harness, and physically capable owner. Cuddly and affectionate, he enjoys human company and would be best in a home where he has company at least part of day.  Social with other dogs, he does like to be King at home, so best suited as only dog. He would suit an experienced dog owner and a family with older children. No cats please. 

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