Racing Name: 
Bigtime Monty
5 years
Fawn and white
Cat Trainable: 
This dog has a home waiting

Big boy Monty is a friendly, cuddly, playful lad who is a whole heap of fun! He is looking for a confident partner to introduce him to pet life one paw at a time and aside from the initial excitement is a pretty laid back dude. 

He is food motivated which is brilliant for training and he easily adapts to new environments, taking everything in his stride. He’s a clever cookie and would likely enjoy a home with someone who will do some fun training games with him to keep his brain occupied. He is quite content holding down the fort by himself  while you're at work. 

He would be best suited to a home with teenagers or adults, he may be too much of a bouncy castle for young kids and isn't suited to living with cats. He could live with another confident dog pending successful introductions. 

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