Racing Name: 
Stay Away Haydo
5 years
Lower Hutt
Cat Trainable: 

Meet Diego. Just like his namesake- the Sabre tooth Tiger from Ice Age- Diego is exceptionally intelligent, fun, and has a wicked sense of humour. His foster family have said he is very easy to have around and slotted in like he’s lived with them forever. He is very affectionate, confident and loves to be part of the fun. An absolute gentleman on lead, lovely to take out and about and will happily join you on a Sunday morning stroll to the local café for a latte. He doesn’t mind if you work longer hours and will happy laze around looking after the house while you’re at work. He has been to a number of events as a GAP ambassador and has become well known for his ability to lean on people so much they topple over. He thinks this is hilarious. He is great in crowds and loves attention. He would be best as an only child as Diego is much smarter than your average dog and prefers human company. Diego will need to be an on lead dog in public as after a very successful racing career he still thinks little fluffy dogs might be great fun to chase given the opportunity.

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