Racing Name: 
Hannah Rhiannon
5 years
Black & White
Cat Trainable: 

HANNAH HAS A HOME WAITING Hannah might be a small greyhound but she has a big heart. She is a gentle, kind wee girl who loves cuddles. Hannah loves her toys and zooming around with a squeaky toy in her mouth is a daily event. She also loves her food and gets excited to go for walks. She is settling nicely on walks and enjoys meeting new people and new dogs. Always friendly, she is still learning to control her excitement when she spots a new different dog. Cautious by nature, Hannah is slowly being exposed to new situations and learning coping strategies. She startles easily when she hears new noises. As she is exposed to more day to day noises she is becoming more used to them. She loves her big foster hound brother and gets a lot of comfort from him. She is well settled into living in a home and will love owners who want an affectionate cuddly girl both for giving and receiving cuddles. Happy and adaptable, this wee girl will make an amazing pet in her forever home.

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