Racing Name: 
Cawbourne Looks
5 years
Red Fawn
Cat Trainable: 

Luca is a shy and thoughtful boy. He will need a kind and patient family to help him come out of his shell. He has been in foster care and is very easy to have around the house, but does like to have his own space and somewhere for peace and quiet. It has taken time for him to want to become part of our family. Luca is very sweet and a rewarding dog to work with. He is lovely with smaller dogs and could maybe live with a cat if the owners were committed to continuing his training. Luca has asked that his forever family are shown exactly how he likes his ears rubbed, and promise to supply him with his favourite training treat... Cheese! Luca would be fine for somebody with longer working hours as he is happy lazing about the house during the day. 

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