Racing Name: 
5 years
Black with white markings.
Cat Trainable: 

Everyone loves a rebel right? Well meet Nunzie!  Nunzee has been with us for a while now and after a successful stay in foster care she is ready for her forever home. She is fun, funky and far from your average greyhound. She is a super special girl who needs a super special home.  Here is what her foster family had to say: "Nunzie is hands down the most fun Greyhound we have fostered. She loves to play, keeps us all entertained with her antics and is always smiley, friendly and affectionate. She is social with our other dogs, loves adventures and walks, and is willing to give everthing a go. She is very cuddley and wil curl up on your lap and snuggle for hours.  We love her antics  (including the time she climbed in the cattle trough fully dressed, or when she somehow managed to shut herself in the shower!) and have really loved teaching her the skills she needs to master life as a pet. She is super smart and loves to learn and will make one lucky family very happy." 

Hobbies: Climbing on the furniture she has been told she is not allowed on, creating indoor racetracks, collecting things (pillows, cusions, toys, door mats, clothes, coffee cups, fruit from the fruit bowl) and carefully tucking it into her bed (she doesnt chew anything, just collects), long walks, car rides, hanging out in the shower, climbing into the water trough while still wearing her pjs.   Life skills: Excellent recall, knows basic commands (wait, out, leave), plays fetch, mostly house trained, sleeps through the night, mastered the use of "puppy dog eyes" and has the most beautiful smile.  Life Motto: "Be a fruitloop in a world full of cheerios".  Cat Trainable: Nunzie is cat trainable but will take time and need very commited, competent owners and a confident cat.  Wish list: Nunzie would like a home with a family who are willing to make her part of the family. She is far more than "just a dog". They will need a sense of humour, baby gates, a tidy house (or Nunzie will tidy it for you) and a very full toy box. She would love older children, be perfect as a second dog and love being with a busy couple who want a dog to join their lifes adventures. She is a fabulous ambassador for greyhounds and will love coming to events. 

If you are after a dog who is clever, cute and anything but boring then Nunzie is the dog for you. 


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