Racing Name: 
3 years
Fawn Brindle
Hampton Downs
Cat Trainable: 

Hello everyone. I am Basil. I'm Alberts brother and I loved to play with him and be close to him. Albert has now gone into his happy new home and I am hoping I will find a home soon too that has another hound who will keep me company and help me be brave. When I go into my new home I hope my family will cuddle me and make me feel loved because I miss my brother.

 I can be a bit shy when first put into new environments and situations but it doesn't take me long to start feeling brave. Especially if someone shows me around and helps me feel safe. I need a family who will take their time to let me get used to new things and won't rush me. I really like my comfy bed and I can be very calm and quiet during the day.

I like other dogs and I have met a cat and I thought it was interesting but a bit scary.  I would prefer to spend time with my human friends.

I am ready to go home with a nice family so I hope you will consider me please. I promise to be a very good boy and will try hard to learn to be a well behaved pet.

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