Racing Name: 
Opawa Harry
5 years
Blue Brindle
Cat Trainable: 

Harry has thrived in foster care and we have learnt a lot more about him and what type of home he is most suited to. Harry is very outgoing, affectionate and tries hard to please. His foster family have decribed him as very intellegent, and he has quickly picked up the skills he needs to live in a home. He would be best suited to being an only dog as he has no idea about personal space and often sleeps on top of his foster brothers!  Harry is nervous of children (especially very loud ones) but is building confidence in this area. His new family will need to be committed to building Harrys confidence, as although he is outgoing in a home environment he needs time and patience to learn about the outside world. 

Harry also has Panus which requires him to have eye drops once a day these are not expensive and Harry is an expert at standing still for them.  If you are after a fun, affectionate, intellegent boy then Harry might just be the dog for you. 


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