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3 years
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Stinger is a lovely gentle young boy who finds the world a bit big at times. He is out in foster care learning what it is to be a pet and is showing his skills in learning how to get up and down stairs and how clean he is. He loves cuddles and company so would be perfect in a home with someone who is at home a lot and has the time and gentle patience to teach him more about life. Stinger has now met the cats and he was happy and relaxed in their company, he would need to live with a confident cat as Stinger is young and still learning. 

Foster Update 16/7/2018 Lovely little Stinger has been with us for a week and a half and he delights us every day with his progress and his personality as he becomes more sure of himself. He was afraid of road traffic to start with but now he trots along fairly confidently (only having a little startle when a big truck or noisy trailer goes past). He is getting braver when strangers pass him in the street and once he gets to know you he is affectionate and playful. He went to a doggie birthday party on Sunday and was completely at ease with the other 8 hounds who were there and although he was cautious of the strangers there he did not withdraw or become overcome with fear. He is gentle and respectful to new dogs he meets, he loves his food and will be easy to train. His signals to go out to toilet are clear and he has been very clean in our house, he sleeps through the night (upstairs as he mastered stairs in a few days) and has transitioned out of the crate with us. He will continue to be a work in progress for a while but he is making good decisions for himself and, in my opinion he is worth the time and patience it may take to start with.

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