Racing Name: 
4 years
Levin (near Wellington)
Suitable with Cats: 

Al has found himself returned to the kennels once again.  This is through no fault of his own just family circumstances not suited to his needs.

Al needs to be a second dog or with someone who dose not go out for long working hours.  He currently is in foster care wish 3 small dogs and a greyhound who he gets on fabulously with.  He is not an overly active dog and loves his sleep.  He sleeps very deeply and soundly so a home with young children is not ideal. He gets on very well with the two young boys that live with him they are 11 and 12 years old.  If your children know to leave sleeping dogs alone and will not bother him to play ball or cuddle all over him we will look at a home with children. He is so good on the lead that the children can walk him and this he enjoys.

Al really hates to be crated or locked up so a home that is open to using baby-gates rather than a crate will suit him.  He can be left when you go out for short hours and likes to either sunbath in the garden with the other dogs or sleep soundly in the lounge.  He is great at night we do not hear a peep out of him. He is fully house broken and has never had an accident inside.  You will of course need to get him used to your routine first before expecting perfection. 

Other than the above needs Al is a perfectly behaved boy, comes when he is called, walks well on the lead and never bothers you for attention.  He is easy to live with and so handsome.  He is also cat trainable but with his need not to be crated you will need to manage this in the early days.