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Ultra Action
6 years
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Hunter is in Foster Care here is what his foster parents have to say about him.

Hunter was very shy and a little bit nervous when he first arrived.  We gave him time space and a crate to work things out in his own time.  Hunter has now settled in and is showing us his true personality.  He is very clean in the house and is one of the only male foster  dogs we have had that hasn’t tired to lift his leg in the house.  He has such good manners with our cat and other dogs even the most annoying puppy who likes to bite his ears.   He is even leaning to ignore the chickens. He loves his cuddles and playing in the garden.  He is however afraid of our horses so please no horsey families for him. Hunter has now progressed to walking around town and being the team hockey mascot something we never thought he would cope with.  He will stand quietly with you when strangers approach but will still hide behind you if they reach out to touch him.  

Thank you foster parents!

We are searching for a quiet home for Hunter with someone that can continue his life experiences in a quiet calm manner.  Someone who is willing to take things slowly with him and not overwhelm him.  He can live with a cat other dogs and older quiet well behaved children.  

Please do give us a call if this sounds like your family.

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