Racing Name: 
Linny Stop Watch
3 years
Levin (near Wellington)
Suitable with Cats: 

Hey you greyhound lovers why and I still here!!!!!!

My name is Linny and I have been a guest at the Levin GAP kennels for a little while now.  I keep getting passed by as I can be a little shy with strangers and need a day or two to warm up to people.  This means when new folks visit me I do not show them all the tricks I have been learning here.

When I first arrived I was very strong on the lead and would pull you all over the place.  I have learnt in my time here that is not to be done and now walk so lovely to heel. In-fact one of the girls here has a very bad back and I am so gentle to lead now that she was able to walk me with easy.  I have also learnt to play fetch it is one of my best game to play.  I will bring the ball right back to you and give it a little push towards you if you do not pick it up!  I am currently in the process of learning the first stage of sit and right and left spins.  

My ideal home would be one that will give me time to find my feet when first arriving.  I would like some children to play with that would just be great.  I could be a only dog but am very social so will not mind having another dog for company.  I should be happy to be at home by myself around 6 hours but you will need to give me toys to keep me happy.  I love my big red Kong toy so if you want to take me home you MUST buy me one of these!!!!

Please give me a chance of my very own home soon.