Racing Name: 
Hiya Turtle
4 years
Levin (near Wellington)
Suitable with Cats: 




Well my sister Parsley has found her forever home but I am still waiting.  I have learnt so many things while at the kennels and I even went for a swim the other day!  I really love a tennis ball but don't be fooled into thinking I will bring it back! I walk nicley on the lead and enjoy going for a good old run all the way to the woods, because I have been here so long I am now able to be off lead when we go for a farm walk.  I have a funny little trick that when its time to go home I will come just with-in catching distance then play bow and run away for a few steps I think this is a great game.  

I would so very much like to be taken home, a family would just be perfect for me.  I would like children of about 10 years old and above. I will not mind if you have to go to work as long as its around the six hour mark.

So If you think you can offer me what I need phone the Levin GAP Kennels or get that on-line application in!!!!

Hi my name is Dott and I am her with my sister Parsley you might be able to tell as we look very much alike.

I am still setteling in  and learning the ropes.  I walk quite well on the lead and am getting used to all the other breads of dogs around here, I got quite a fright the frist time I saw a Dalmation!  I have not yet met the cat but I hear this is the next step. I love cuddles and am an affectionate wee thing.