Racing Name: 
Magic Whitelock
7 years
Cat Trainable: 
This dog is currently in foster care
This dog has a home waiting

To strangers Doc appears to be a mild mannered accountant with a firm handshake. To those that know him he's actually James Bond- the ultimate gentleman, self assured, full of charm, observant, a dash of cunning, and a twinkle in his eye.

He has spent the last few years as a devoted companion looking after his elderly owner and through sad circumstances he now needs a new family to take care of him. Doc is currently in Tauranga with one of our dedicated foster carers and lapping up the TLC and enjoying being doted upon.

Doc is looking for a more mellow lifestyle with leisurely strolls and plenty of time to relax. He walks beautifully on a head-halter and struts along all chirpy with his tail wagging. Even though he's an older boy, Doc is certainly no pushover and needs someone who can match his tenacity.

He is an intelligent dog and gets a rush out of problem solving so would likely enjoy plenty of fun enrichment games. We think Doc would be happiest in an adult home; he thrives on attention and would love to keep you company during the day. No cats please.

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