Racing Name: 
Zoe'S Funk
5 years
Hampton Downs (Auckland/Waikato)
Suitable with Cats: 

Zoe is a well adjusted, trained and well mannered young lady who has earned her 'I am a Pet' award.
She has been living life as a much loved and cared for pet and is now looking for a person or a family where she can continue her happy life.

Zoe would appreciate a home where she will not be left alone for the entire day, every day. She is well used to having company and is very affectionate and may find life a bit tedious and lonely if you were at work all day every day. This doesn't mean she can't spend time at home if you are out and about, or work part time.

If you are lucky enough to adopt this pretty girl you will not have to worry about her house manners or settling in issues. She is well used to home life and comes with some her own set of rules and commands.
Zoe has lived for a time in a home with a cat. Whilst she learned to respect it she is what we would determine as a work in progress. So if you have a calm and non-flighty cat some serious training would still be required.

If you feel you would like to offer Zoe the very best of homes, loads of love and attention and have the time to spend with her then please get in contact with us here at the Hampton Downs kennel base.

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