Racing Name: 
Miss Jo Beth
13 years
Cat Trainable: 

Bethany just loves exploring and discovering new things. She is strong willed and intelligent and has quickly learned new rules such as by invitation only on the sofa with her own rug, coming to you in response to a whistle. She is very affectionate and at times prances when the leash like a horse in tight rein ready to run. She loves to spend the day following you around the garden. :) Bethany loves to rip up paper if given a chance! She loves walking in the nearby Estuary but most of all if given the opportunity chasing a cat, like the cat that rather foolishly strayed onto our property only to make a very hasty exit up the wooden fence. And it has not been back. :) Bethany has overall settled in very well - We are ever so pleased to have made the decision to adopt a Greyhound and for Bethany being selected for us and Bethany is so pleased to have a place called home where she can feel secure and be loved and to love. See Beth's video on YouTube! (click here to open in new window) and See more pictures of Beth on Greyhounds Blog! (click here to open in new window)

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