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Chile Will He
14 years
Palmerston North
Cat Trainable: 

Stanley has now been with us for nearly a month and it is as if he has always been a part of our family. He is a very lovely, calm, sweet boy and we have all fallen for him. He can be bouncy and playful but only for very short bursts, I think this is something he will get better at :). He is very quiet generally but he has surprised us with the odd bark which is usually at neighbouring cats. When I've taken him to school to pick up my daughter all the little kids crowd around him which doesn't in the least bit seem to bother him. I've had a few comments when out walking at the river with him especially when they see him in his smart red coat on cold mornings and people are very interested to know what he is like and where he came from. He is still getting used to us and our routines and has managed to allow us to let him sleep in our bedroom at night beside our bed on his own two quilts. He moves around a bit in the night and crashes into things and likes to shake his head and it's a bit like having a new baby. We are so glad we adopted a greyhound and you never know he may have a fellow greyhound companion in the future....:) See more pictures of Stanley and his new family on Greyhounds Blog! (click here to open in new window)

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