Racing Name: 
Paddy Bond
13 years
Upper Hutt
Cat Trainable: 

Paddy has been with our family for just over 2 months. He initially didn't like being left alone much and cried even when we went into town to do errands. Loud enough that the neighbours let us know! He has however developed into a happy,confident and very cuddly dog, even putting on some weight. When he is cuddled around the neck by Leigh-Anne he pretends he is being choked and gives a couple of coughs! He avoids our 3 cats and if one is sitting in a doorway he will not go through the door unless we call him. He loves going out walking with Martin in the morning and Leigh-Anne at night. Sometimes we will con one of our teens into taking him for a walk as well. :) Last week he went for a free run with other greyhound friends at the local obedience club and had a ball. He was very social with the other greyhounds. Paddy is very good at responding to commands and has learnt that he can't help himself to food, after he ate part of Martin's lunch one day. ("It was Dad's lunch - he left it where I could smell it - so I just couldn't resist!"). Martin has never owned a dog before but he has become very attached to Paddy and Paddy to him. Paddy likes to lie about on his huge bed, go for walks - exploring different places, sleeping in Martin and Leigh-Anne's bedroom at night, playing with his toys and hangin with the family. He likes going out in the car so much that he refuses to get out of the car when we arrive home. We just love having Paddy as part of our family! See Paddy on Greyhounds Blog! (click here to open in new window)

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