Racing Name: 
That'S Sarah
14 years
White & Black
Hawke's Bay
Cat Trainable: 

Niesha is settling in really well and she's a really smart wee cookie. By day two she knew her routine. She gets up at 6.20ish and waits outside the back door for me and at 6.30 we go for a 20 minute walk along the river, then she has her breakfast at 7. Dinner is at 5 straight after the cats get fed, then at 7.30 a half hour stroll in the other direction along the river with no swimming as she won't get her tootsies wet. (She's such a lady.) She has impeccable manners and we love her to pieces. She's not so worried by the cats now and sometimes she's really funny and sneaks after them as they walk into the bedroom but they always hear her and turn around and she has to retreat and hide behind the couch peeking around to see if she's still being followed. She's tried yapping at Tigger to get him to run but he just ignores her so she gives up. When we get home from work Niesha and Grommit, (our bully black cat) trot to the gate together to great us which is really cute. We bought Niesha a fluffy Christmas turkey toy which she totally ignores but sometimes she plays with the recycling! We wouldn't have picked Niesha as a name but it does really suit her and she knows it so I'm glad we kept it. She's just so exotic like an Egyptian princess and she looks like a super model in her purple coat. Thank you for matching her with our family. See more pictures of Niesha on Greyhounds Blog! (click here to open in new window)

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