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Ozarks Corner
12 years
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4 months on, and Meany is 100% a pet. He LOVES routine and goes a bit funny when something different happens. Not that its a real bother for him, as long as he gets to sleep for the majority of the day and gets his cuddles, he's happy :) Quite often he'll take himself off to bed at night if he feels we're up too late. He's on a 100% raw meat diet, and he's thriving on it. Most people we pass on our daily walks always stop and comment on him, and cant believe how he's such a nice dog, and that they had no idea Greyhounds were like this. He also loves meeting other dogs on his walks, always eager to meet anyone coming the opposite way. His personality really shines through now, he's such a character and provides us with so many laughs every day. He's mastered the roach position and its always a good laugh at the start of the day to wake up and see him in full roach, asleep on his bed. Its always great to come home from work, and to hear him whining and barking with excitement waiting for the door to open. Easily the best way to fix the bad mood you've brought home with you! Having Meany as a pet has exceeded what we expected to get out of owning a Greyhound, I cant think of life without him now, he's certainly a member of the family! See Meany on Greyhounds Blog! (click here to open in new window)

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