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11 years
White & Blue
Cat Trainable: 

We adopted young Jack (Ngahere) between Xmas & New Year from Julie & Richard in Amberley (with Claire’s kind assistance). A big thanks to them! He is a joy to have around and is the best decision I have ever made, having researched many other breeds to fit in with our Tibetan Terrier and wee Jack Russell. I attach 2 photos of Jack and his best mate Sid (the Tibetan Terrier). Watching him change from being an indifferent but happy young dog (a blank canvas you might say) to becoming a very relaxed, always happy, affectionate and confident guy has been wonderous. His daily laps around one of our paddocks with Sid trying to his darndest to keep up is truly impressive to watch. I’m amazed at how quick he is to learn rights & wrongs, how to play with us and the other furry friends and how great he is with all new visitors to the property – he’s no guard dog :) Thank you to GAP for allowing us to adopt Jack. We love him to bits!

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