Racing Name: 
Google Magoo
13 years
27.5kg - 2
Cat Trainable: 

Google Magoo joined us about 10 days ago now, and as expected, she’s an absolute honey. She is light on her feet, respectful of the cats, has never had a toilet accident, mastered the stairs in about half an hour and is just generally super cute. She loves affection and responds by giving big slurpy kisses. On that note, as much as it pains us to find fault, we must point out that our darling girl is slightly imperfect. It appears that in her earliest puppy days Google (nicknamed Gene as in Gene Simmonds of KISS) got in the wrong queue when the tongues were being handed out and ended up with a XXL tongue in a small body! Her tongue is soooo long it flops around all over the place, which unfortunately means it’s often dangling outside her chops ! If she dares to have a body shake while in the car we all have to duck the flying drool – her poor greyhound brother Sonny has taken to wearing swimming goggles when along side her ;) We seriously wonder if in fact she blindfolded her competitors with her tongue during her races. The mind boggles. Either way, we love her to pieces and wouldn’t part with her for all the diamonds in the world. Now will someone please hand me a towel!!! On the picture: Google with her new brother Sonny :-) ! See Google on Greyhounds Blog! (click here to open in new window)

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