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Tui Thunder
14 years
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I just thought I would drop you a note about Oscar. He is settling in well, starting to show his inner self, has become attached to both Jan and myself. Loves to go for walks which we do usually twice a day, morning and night. He is slowly getting used to his name, and responds to my calling a lot of the time, I think sometimes he just chooses to ignore me. He has his own spot in the lounge, never gets on the furniture and is generally very well behaved. Have walked him in a local park which is open to dog off leash, but I am still reluctant to let him run free at this stage. There are usually a lot of other dogs around with whom he socialises quite well. We bought him a couple of toys to play with, one of which he goes absolutely nuts with runs through the house and outside, tossing it in the air and pouncing on it. He wags his tail when he knows we are going for a walk and waits at the front door ready to go. All in all I am very pleased that he is settling in.Regards, Roy & Jan

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