Racing Name: 
Cawbourne Hands
13 years
Cat Trainable: 

Shy and timid until he gets to know you.He would be a very devoted companion to young and old alike.
Hi all. I came to Nelson with the name Handy but it turned out my big sister was called Brandy so my new owners had to change my name to Rusty. I didn’t mind much because I haven’t been that handy… But I do try and help clean up any food scraps left lying around in the bin, if I press on the foot pedal the lid just opens up for meJ. I’m a bit of a sneak and for some reason my family call me a cheeky clown… I just like to have fun and play games. My favourite place is the couch and as soon as the kids stand up I’m quick to get into the warm spot if they take too long. My family think I’m amazing and I love them, and my sister Brandy is pretty cool too (for a girl).

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