Racing Name: 
Mr Jazz
14 years
Fawn & White
Cat Trainable: 

My new name is Giblet (was Appro) and this is me exhausted after a walk through Burwood forest with my new parents, Grenville & Megan. They love me to bits and can’t stop cuddling me at every opportunity. AshCat is not quite so keen on me, but I’ll use my charms on her and she’ll come around eventually. She’s already got to the stage of sniffing my feet when she walks past me rather than hissing from afar. I love my new home and have shown my appreciation by behaving extremely well so far. I’ve got toys to play with and get to meet all sorts of dogs when we go to the park. I’m looking forward to years of being spoilt with affection, getting the occasional run and sleeping most of the day away on my cushion bed. Or on the couch when the parents aren’t looking…!

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