Racing Name: 
Beach Street
13 years
Red Brindle
Cat Trainable: 

Sally delights us - she is indeed, a joy to have. Everything is progressing well and we are understanding each other better every day. We have just installed a dog door and Sally appears to be getting the hang of it. Her long back legs are a bit of a hassle! She bonded to her own day couch in short order but still tries our one out occasionally - we did have a tiny water pistol to discourage this but she crunched it up on the second day!:-) A few days after she arrived we took her to Robyn's place at Otaki for a run with a couple of other hounds and she certainly showed her paces! We wondered how Sally and our cat, Timmy, would interact. Well, no worries there! Initially heard a few yelps from Sally so Timmy is definitely in charge and has chased her down the hallway several times. Timmy is becoming more relaxed and we think he realises that she is here for keeps. :-) On the picture - Sally with Peter and Timmy. See Sally on Greyhounds Blog! (click here to open in new window)

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