Racing Name: 
Winsome Deluxe
13 years
Black & White
Cat Trainable: 

Beryl (AKA Magpie and Beryl the Peril!) came to live with us on Easter Monday evening. It's only been 2 1/2 weeks but I can't remember what life was like without her! Her new brother (Frankie, non-Greyhound) gave her the grand tour of the house which seemed to meet with her approval and she has made herself right at home. Beryl has learnt a lot in a short space of time, how to navigate the dog door, how to jump onto couches and beds and into the car. That her crate is a 'happy place', that it's no big deal when I go out as I'll be back sooner or later and Frankie is here for company. That the beach is wonderful, fetching a ball is fun, walks in the park are fun, playing with Frankie is fun (and so is bossing him around, lol!) She is great with other dogs of all sizes, but being with her Greyhound mates, Louie and Lucy, is the best. Six months ago if anyone had told me I'd be getting a Greyhound I'd have laughed at them, but having got to know Louie and Lucy and their Mum's, Fatima and Rachel, I've learnt what wonderful dogs they are. Then when Beryl appeared on the Gap website it was an instant attraction for me and I'm so grateful to Sonja and Irene for deciding that she would fit in with me and Frankie. Keep up the 'greyt' work, girls and thanks for everything. See Beryl on Greyhounds Blog! (click here to open in new window)

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