Racing Name: 
Central Raider
15 years
Cat Trainable: 

Ben has settled in just fine to our household, and is proving to be a great 2nd hound living alongside Amber (from GAP 2 yrs ago). He's picked up Amber's routine and hasn't seemed to be bothered too much. It's been entertaining and really lovely to watch them both. Even though they follow the same routine day to day, they have very different personality's which is great. He loves a game of chase and throwing his toys around, and bed swapping with Amber, which has been entertaining. He greets us both with a big smile and lots of wags now and we both love cuddling him heaps. Amber has accepted him with no problems either. They both know their food spots, and lie on the carpet next to each other. He alerted us the other night to a hedgehog in the garden and it was good to hear his bark. He's also met the other hounds in the area at a group bbq. He was a little bit shy with them all, but that's ok. He looks great with Amber, and is enjoying his 2 walks each day around the local parks. We're so glad we have him, he's really cute, cuddly and is becoming quite the clown with his funny ways. It's been no extra work having the 2 of them, just more entertaining :-)

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