Racing Name: 
Thrilling Fleur
13 years
Cat Trainable: 

5 weeks on living with Rob and Lisa Fleur [now nicknamed Flea - we have nicknamed her - fitting considering she jumps about like a flea when she is excited :-) ] is slowly coming to grips with retirement in the world of people and blinking lights and odd noises that don't make much sense to a racing dog. After a bit of a rough start, when she thought that she really knew how everything worked until she found herself at the pound and discovered that Lisa and Rob didn't think that was very funny, Flea is now developing a healthy understanding of life as a pet. She is enjoying living in Island Bay which is close to the beach and there are always other dogs around to chat to; and she has thus far enjoyed other activities such as - munching on bones in her backyard; showing off her running styles at the velodrome, stealing clothes from the bathroom; stealing the bath plug??; hanging out with her boyfriend Charlie Bird [a Boston terrier]; leaping about and tossing her toys into the air in excitement when Ma and Pa get up each morning [hence the nickname Flea - tis really a hilarious time when the alarm goes off these days], and being admired by many folk as we walk on the beach, walk to the shops or walk pretty much anywhere - other activities are bound to become new favs as Flea continues to discover new and exciting things in her new life. Flea has already become a much treasured member of the family and we're all looking forward to the future with new adventures and many cuddles to come. See Fleur on Greyhounds Blog! (click here to open in new window)

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