Racing Name: 
Bigtime Nev
14 years
Blue & White
Cat Trainable: 

Nevvy is fine and dandy and is now the ultimate pet and is totally devoted to his Mum! We have a great bond and I can't imagine life without him now. He spent Christmas up in Waiheke with my family and adapted to the beach life in about a half hour. Leapt into the ocean and while he didn't swim as such he certainly loved splashing around and wading. Took himself off down the road each morning (about 100 metres) and checked out the local beach and enjoyed investigating the hills and bush of Waiheke Island for our walks. After a couple of early skirmishes with small dogs shortly after I adopted him he has now learned that a dog is a dog is a dog even though some may resemble hares or cats in his eyes. We are still working on cat training although he is certainly getting the message that they are not targets. He is great with little children too- a friends little toddler was mesmerised by him and he lay patiently while she stuck stickers all over him. Was hilarious to watch!

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