Racing Name: 
Thrilling Delta
16 years
Cat Trainable: 

I live with my Mum Irene and teenage greyhound brother Wolfie (Ratchet), who is also a GAP boy. Wolfie and me get on great - i take care of him and never let him out of my sight: you never know what these teenagers might get up to! It helps that I've had 2 litters of puppies after I finished racing (and i was a top racer, if i may say so), experience bringing them up comes in handy with Wolfie! He is not very mature in general (thank God he has me to look out for him!), and he does the weirdest thing: he plays with my Mum's pet rat!!! He lets the rat walk all over him (literally!). Needless to say, I consider the rat a lovely little lure, and I tried to demonstrate to Wolfie what should be done with it, however, nobody was impressed, I got told off, and Wolfie STILL plays with it! I am frankly disgusted with the whole matter and now let Wolfie and the rat have their own relationship, I dont want any part of it! Mum is a vet, and we both go to work with her every day. This is great fun because nurses know i have a great appetite and kindly give me leftover food from the dog ward and the cattery, which i so appreciate and polish off in record time!
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