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Kalden Kaos
15 years
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Hi guys, a long overdue update from Oscar (Kalden Kaos) and our new home in Adelaide, South Australia. The flight over wasn't too nice, but after a few days all was back to normal and daily walks on the beach are a blast. On leash though, due to stupid Australian laws, but we use the of peak times to sneak in a run and the pooch park is not that far of. Oscar passed his Australian evaluation (yes you need to do another one, the NZ one doesn't count), but Oscar passed with flying colors, wasn't interested in the Italian greyhound dressed up as a fluffy dog at all. Been busy with going to work everyday with mum & dad to their new hair salon. Everyone loves Oscar, when he decides to come and say hi. The bed in the back office is too cozy and these's just too many clients to say hi to everyone. All in all we love Adelaide but miss our NZ grey friends. Love seeing all the new happy grey families and we're still spreading the work to adopt greys. Take care, Mojca, Uros & Oscar :
Oscar is great, he has taken to his new house and us great. He has been great on walks, meeting new people and dogs, loves to cuddle and has taken over the sofa if he gets invited or when we're not home; I think he seems to think he needs to keep it safe. We've been really good with comings and goings and haven't had any problems with him staying at home during workdays. We are over the moon with Oscar, he is just a sweety and we love him to bits.
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