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11 years
Upper Hutt
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Update 3 Oct 2013
I'm four years old now and have a well-established reputation. I'm known down the park for my exuberant social skills and amazing speed (as long as no other greyhounds are running with me). At home I'm the mistress of the couch and laze around all day while my mum works. Lucy my older companion is still with us - she's 13, how old is that! At least it makes it easy to show off my speed and agility. Although mum says I'm a bit chubby and keeps threatening to start running with me (Ha ha!) We do go riding with big Red sometimes and that is tiring - mum says it's easy but then she's sitting on Red! Will check in again soon!
Update 2011
Wow, isn't being a pet so exciting! I have so many toys to play with - slippers, cushions, socks, something called a telephone but toilet paper is definitely my favourite cos it goes everywhere and it looks like it's been snowing! I live with two elderly greyhounds called Lucy and Lucky; Lucky's been telling me about when he used to race and it sounded ever so exciting, he even ran around with me in the paddock and it was great fun even though he did sleep a long time after. I've met lots of new friends too, there's a very friendly sheep though I find him a bit scary when he comes too close, lots of chickens to bounce and two horses but I haven't said hello to them yet as they're really big!

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