Racing Name: 
Clan Star
16 years
Black & White
Cat Trainable: 

Just to let you know how Skye is getting on - one word - fabulously! She is the talk of the village and lots of people have admired how well she walks on the lead; she gets quite excited if she sees dogs and cats running in the distance, but if they are close she seems to realise they aren't prey. It took four days before I saw her wag her tail but now she totally chilled out and plays with her toys, the lounge does seems smaller with a bouncing greyhound! She coped beautifully with me going to work and leaving her (I think I had worst separation anxiety!). She is a bit of a sook (she was terrified of a chew bone I gave her until she realised it made a fun toy!), but is getting more confident each day. She is very smart and learns very quickly; she is a big smooch and loves to lie in front of the fire with me rubbing her tummy.I love her to bits, so thanks for the good match! Wendy

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