Racing Name: 
Tipped Top
18 years
Blue Brindle
Bay of Plenty
Cat Trainable: 

In Memory of Zouga - Our wonderful buddy Zouga (Kennel Name Franco, Racing Name Tipped Top) adopted in January 2009, went to sleep in November 2014 aged 13. My constant companion for 5 years. Zouga was a real “gentleman", loved by all who met him. He came everywhere with me - yes even to work until the last year. He was a wonderful companion and “friend” and has left a huge gap. His other best mate, Maddie the cat, was completely lost for weeks afterwards and still looks for him when she comes in. Thank you GAP for the opportunity of bringing him into our lives which were made all the richer.
Update - April 2014 We changed his name to Zouga – from a Wilbur Smith novel - it is the name of a swiftly flowing river. It didn’t take him long at all to learn to respond to this. We live at Ohope Beach in the Eastern Bay of Plenty and every morning and evening we are walking on the sands. Zouga is a familiar sight in the community, always carrying his rubber bone on the homeward stretch. Zouga has now “retired” from this second occupation and likes nothing better than lying at home, snoozing in the sun with his best mate, Maddie (a 5 year old tortoiseshell cat). Zouga is very much an integral member of our small family and is loved by all.

Hi everyone. Wow. I’m enjoying my life here in Ohope. I’m sharing the house with Maddie, a feline. She was quite friendly at first but my new mum tells me I wanted to play and got too excited too soon and so she backed off. We’re taking it slowly again now and she’s starting to come around again. I think she’s annoyed that I keep sneaking in and pinching her food! Life is soooo busy but I’m loving it. My day starts early with a walk along the beach (which is just across the road). Then its into the car and off to work! My mum is a school counsellor and I go with her and help. But before we get there we stop so I can have a run off the lead at the park. Then its lots of pats and cuddles from the students and staff (in between sleeps of course). I’m considered a member of staff now – even go to staff meetings - had my photo taken with the others last week and there’s also been an article about me in the local paper, well with my mum as well! Yeah I’m a regular celebrity around town now. It happens to lots of us- you know-retired athletes. Lunchtime and interval are fun as I try to scoop up the bits of bread and fruit that have been “dropped”- doing my bit to keep the environment clean. Mmmmm. I love bread – especially the newly baked stuff my mum makes –when it’s warm and on the cooling rack on the bench. Then it’s home again for another walk along the beach, checking up on all my new canine friends - might take up surfing next year - and then dinner and sleep. Yawn…. speaking of which……

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