Racing Name: 
Ngawi Bay
15 years
Red Brindle
Cat Trainable: 

Hi everyone, just to let you know that Tom (as he is now called, after Tom Jones, the Tiger) has settled in well. He has had a good look around and found the ONLY place he can POSSIBLY sleep during the day is on our bed, everywhere else is just too uncomfortable and no good! He and Ben, our dalmation, get on very well, except that Ben, who once thought he could run really fast, now realises just how fast a greyhound can run. We have a really large area to let dogs run off leash, and Tom just loves it. He has also met another dog who rushed up to us, scaring me, but Tom kept his cool. He has started a collection of diverse objects, a shoe, a cuddly toy and a paintbrush so far. Nothing serious, but I did wonder where the paintbrush had got to until I found it in bed. Each of the dogs is on a different, special diet, so their one aim at dinner time is to swap dinners! And Tom is a thief - I have read all about them taking things, but I forgot and turned my back on a piece of pizza, that miraculously vanished! I will post photos when I have a chance, but just to let you know, we love him to bits already.

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