Racing Name: 
Emilie One
16 years
Red Brindle
Lower Hutt
Levin (near Wellington)

We adopted Cococ in May 2008 after succumbing to the greyhounds at the Petone fair. We went to check her out at Sanson. Emilie was lovely, ignored the test cat and climbed onto a chair with me. That was that - she was the one! She was quite a feisty girl and we all had a steep learning curve but she was a quick learner. She was to our relief child friendly - our 18 month old flung his arms around her on their first meeting. I now own a library book on greyhounds after she flung it around the lounge - she now has soft toys to play with. She dug gardens, chewed chair legs and stole food but soon learned not to. Occasinally she still stamps her foot in front of my husband if she wants out. Recently we showed our now 3 year old grandson her racing DVD. Not realising she won all the races he was egging her on saying "Come on Coco you can do it!" Coco has changed our lives, so calm and friendly, nothing upsets her and she always draws attention wherever we go. We are so glad to have her. Dave and Olive Penn

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