Racing Name: 
Crack Another
15 years
Cat Trainable: 

Jenny Crack Another, now Jelly Biscuits AKA, Miss Jelly, Princess Jelly of the Biscuit, Jelly Belly & Jelly B. The quivering, quaking and generally terrified creature (hence the name) that arrived home that sunny afternoon two months ago has virtually vanished and been replaced by the all singing all dancing version. She would run to the other end of the house every time Pete so much as rustled a news paper. Now she is doing excited wheelies at the front door when she hears his van at top of the drive every evening. Much to our sons delight Miss Jelly has recently discovered the joy of toys and they spend ages doing speedy circuits with old jandles and soft fluffy things. Not the rabbit I hasten to add, he gets barely a passing interest these days. For the first few weeks we thought Jelly B couldn’t bark, but she has found her voice and is quick to tell us if her water bowl is empty or if she needs to go out. Her vocal talents don’t stop there, she likes nothing more than a good sing along (or should that be howl along?) to the town emergency siren. She is a very relaxed and happy girl at home and she has been quick to learn to come when she is called, to sit and to wait. Walking in to town is still a bit of a trauma for her, strangers, especially men cause her to panic and it is all I can do some times to hang on to her. I’m sure in time this too will be a thing of the past as each walk is a little less scary than the last. She is a lovely, gentle and affectionate girl. She has bought us all so much joy already that we can’t imagine not having her in our lives. A great big thank you to GAP for giving us the opportunity to bring this gorgeous girl into our home and our hearts.

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