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World Bank
16 years
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Here’s a recent picture of our boy Jacko. We have had him about 2 months now, and after a rough start with his toe amputation, he is settling in well. He does this crazy run around the garden – travelling at top speeds - much to the kids’ amusement! They try to catch up with him but he’s much too fast for them! Its nice to see his playful side, who would think he was nearly 5! He loves going to the beach and he’s made lots of new friends. Whenever we go out walking he draws a lot of attention. He’s such a good boy and he stands there being the perfect gent and letting everyone pat him and make a fuss. He’s learning to respect our cat Louie's space … at least when they are inside together, and he now just walks past the rabbit hutch without so much as a sniff most days! He has come a long way. Thank you to everyone at GAP for being so helpful and matching us with our lovely boy.

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