Racing Name: 
Token Enforcer
15 years
Suitable with Cats: 

He has really come into his own personality over the last three or four weeks, he is a really loving, fun and cuddly guy and is enjoying all the walks and inclusion in our daily lives. We have been walking on the beach, even splashing in the water with those long legs, and he enjoys the outings to the local dog park too.He is so good at night, if I come home late he gets out of bed to greet me at the door, wagging away and waiting to get his night-time cuddle before he puts himself back off to bed. In the morning he is better than an alarm clock for his morning walks, sometimes he's a bit early and will come into our bedroom but, when he realises that we are still in sleep mode, he just trots back to bed to wait a bit longer. He makes friends wherever he goes and we all just adore him. Even my friends who are staunch 'cat people' absolutely love him.

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