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Common Error
15 years
Fawn Brindle
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Twink (now Sharif) Sharif settled in very quickly after being put firmly in his place by Tia the Jack Russell! He got his own back by chasing sticks I threw for Tia, overtaking her and then ignoring the stick - Tia was disheartened and gave up chasing them whenever Sharif was around! He is very keen on any food except the stuff that's good for him (and has been known to creep inside the house and steal someone's lunch from a bedroom), so he's hard to keep any condition on. However, this doesn't stop him tearing around every day in the paddock when I feed out the silage, at top speed and taking the corners almost horizontally. It's the time I enjoy him the most too - that speed, and the joy on his face!The first few weeks he learned about keeping away from low branches, cows and horses (who chase him). He gets very excited when he sees his lead come out for an evening walk and steps out beautifully. Sharif is very obedient about sit, wait, and heel commands (thanks to his previous owner?) and a very loving member of the family.Sharif and Forester, our other greyhound, love a trip in the car, though I have to say, though, their favourite pastime is sleeping in the sun on the verandah or in front of the fire.

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