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Image Of Ishbell
18 years
Red Brindle

Dad says I had better let everyone at GAP know how I'm doing! I've been living at my new home for a whole year! It has gone very fast! I am doing wonderfully...can't you tell by my photo? Mum told Dad the other day that she will only ever have greyhounds from now on, and that I am quite possibly the most beautiful dog in the southern hemisphere. Dad of course agrees. I have trained Dad to come home on the same train every night and I stand by the window and watch for him as soon as I hear the train whistle. I don't like it if he has had to take a later train and I will go and wait on his bed and sulk till he comes home. Saturday and Sunday are my favorite days because everyone is home and I when I wake up I can go and snuggle with mum and dad on their bed and give them wake up cuddles and smooches. Then Mum makes me breakfast! Hasn't she learned well? I have made friends with all of Mum and Dad's mates and now some of them are talking about adopting a greyhound too! Which would be great because then we can have visits together! When I stayed in the kennel when Mum and Dad got married (Dad thought I'd steal food at the reception, I NEVER steal food, I only help people finish theirs!!!) I made many friends and the nice people who own the kennel said I can come back anytime! Mum says I am not actually a dog, I am a person with fur. Dad says she needs to stop anthropomorphizing....

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